149078 essay

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149078 essay

Sometimes, what I learn causes me to rethink my prior positions on subjects. To me, it was all fun and games until the pole building column and the sonotube get sucked 149078 essay of the ground like a cork from a champagne bottle. What started me on this particular trek was doing frost heave research.

I am reading along in one of his papers, where he is talking first about anchoring a post to an oversized footing to prevent uplift.

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The idea is that the weight of the earth above the footing will hold the post down, and if the footing is sufficiently deep like below the frost lineno heaving will occur.

Well, Harris has another idea: Forget the footing, but put the post in deep enough to resist lifting by the friction of the earth.

The earth exerts a lateral — sideways — force against the surface of a wood post or sonotube. Friction between the earth and the post causes the post to move with the earth. As the post goes deeper, the lateral force of the earth increases, creating greater and greater friction against the sides of the post and holding it in the ground.

The Coulomb theory of earth pressures shows that the friction against the bottom third of the underground portion of an embedded post is equal to the friction against the top two-thirds. By this reasoning, if the post is not to move, the bottom one-third or a little more must be below the frost line.

With a 4-foot frost line, a 6-foot or deeper post depth is needed, so that at least 2 feet, or one-third, of the embedded part of the post is below the frost line.

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Hyman was writing only in regards to combatting forces from frost heave, however the same theory of earth pressures could be used to resist wind uplift as well.

An important factor in calculating the needed embedment of columns is the square of the dimension of the column or its concrete encasement.

149078 essay

If an unencased column was used, the depth would end up being proportionately greater than one with concrete backfill.The argument on both sides range from First Amendment right issues all the way to disabling health concerns. This essay will serve to examine and elaborate both the positive and negative perspectives on vaccinations in infants and children and why certain parents hesitate in vaccinating their children.

Author: Schwartz, Jeffrey A. Title: A Guide to Preparing for and Responding to Jail Emergencies: Self-Audit Checklists, Resource Materials, Case Studies.

Summary: A Guide to Preparing for and Responding to Jail Emergencies: Self-Audit Checklists, Resource Materials, Case Studies Cover This guide "will be broadly useful to U.S.


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Describe the key features of the new Weimar Constitution. Report shows how the FDA incorporates the two ISO standards in its medical device development policy, how the EU version of the two standards differs in significant ways and how the EU Medical Device Regulation may require further changes in the European standards.

This paper, which is the first of two parts, describes a comprehensive experimental study to systematically measure constraint loss and statistical size effects on fracture toughness of a typical low alloy pressure vessel steel in the brittle-to-ductile transition. This writing should be typed, and organized as an essay.

The length needs to be three to four paragraphs, including and introduction and conclusion. You do need at least three examples to support your thesis in each body paragraph (six total), and quotations to support them.

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