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DHL provides large variety of services through its five divisions. One of its divisions DHL Express is one of the largest air carrier in the world. DHL is a courier service basically for urgent and reliable transportation of documents.

4p of dhl

Let us start the FedEx Marketing Mix: FedEx offers following range of services across the globe.


All these services form the product strategy in the marketing 4p of dhl of FedEx. In each of the above services there are various offerings offered by FedEx to its customers. FedEx has good market share in the freight segment and it also has a good growth rate.

It has a relatively lower market share in the Kinkos retail outlets segment then its competitors. Earlier FedEx used to charge for a package simply by measuring its weight.

There were some items like towels, shoes, tissues which were light in weight but occupy a lot of space during transportation. Hence this used to incur costs to the company and the margin for such products was low and thus fetch lower revenues due to their light weight.

4p of dhl

Hence inFedEx revised this strategy to dimensional weight pricing to all their ground packages. Thus they charged according to length, breadth and depth of the packages instead of simply using weight as a measure.

This helped FedEx increase revenues and margins. This is the basic marketing mix pricing strategy of FedEx. This strategy allowed FedEx to recover all its operating costs. FedEx has outlets spread across all parts of the world where the customer can give its parcel for shipping in person.

FedEx also offers its services online where you can create an account and through that schedule a pickup. FedEx staff will come at the designated location at the scheduled time for a pickup of your shipment.

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FedEx also offers daily pickups and cancellations. The customers can track and manage their shipments online so that they know where exactly their parcel has reached. The FedEx staff then delivers the shipments at the desired location.

FedEx indulges in coming out with creative advertising campaigns which are remembered for years like the John Moschitta ad. Also they run print media throughout the year. FedEx also indulges in sponsorships of sports events that are dedicated to achievements of excellence. It also follows Charitable giving policy.

It has a separate department called FedEx Cares which focuses on these 5 pillars: Delivering for good, Sustainable transportation, Employment pathways, Road safety, Global Entrepreneurship.

FedEx also has its own YouTube channel on which various videos are uploaded signifying its reliability and affordability. It also engages in excessive digital marketing promotions.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of FedEx.

FedEx is one of the leading global logistics company and people are the backbone of its business. People play a major part in the services industry.Enter tracking number to track 4PX shipments and get delivery status online.

Contact 4PX and get REST API docs. DHL Supply Chain is the leading global third-party supply chain manager specializing in a wide range of warehousing, transportation and logistics services. We currently have opportunities available for Forklift Operators at our Palmyra, PA location.

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4p of dhl

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