A photography project on the sustainable development of the dongting lake

Reversing the Ecological Tide at Dongting Lake Chen Xieyuan Wetland keeper Yi Feiyue is seeing fewer greater white-fronted geese Anseralbifrons than he once did. Spread over the central-lower Yangtze Plain, China's second largest fresh water lake is an ideal habitat for water birds. Every year, at the end of September, more thanbirds winter here after a long journey from the north.

A photography project on the sustainable development of the dongting lake

In a recent field trip to the Dead Sea, the fourth year geology student took a photo showing the decreasing water levels made evident by piles of salt that were once covered with water.

When she learned about the competition organised by the UN Communications Group UNCGDahleh decided to share the moment she captured with the online community of her family and friends.

Reversing the Ecological Tide at Dongting Lake

She said that she embarked on a journey to learn more about the SDGs and sharing their importance, particularly the environmental goals, with everyone she knows.

Another winner in the competition is Omar Othman, a year-old Irbid resident, whose photo displayed Wihdeh Dam located between Jordan and Syria. Dahleh and Othman were two of the 10 winners of the virtual competition, which in its first cycle sought to utilise the high presence of young Jordanians on social media to further raise awareness on the SDGs, according to organisers.

Hunan province and Japan's Shiga prefecture have formally cooperated as international friendly cities since March 25,
The project aims at enhancing management capability and promoting the long-term sustainable development of wetland, with a view to protect the globally important biodiversity of Dongting Lake. During the visit, Vincent Martin and the delegation met with Hu Changqing, Party Secretary of the Forestry Department, and they talked about major national and provincial efforts and expected results of ecological protection for Dongting Lake.
At Tianxin Wharf, a large floating crane had its arm locked to a cement storage tank and slowly lifted it away.
Mediterranean and Middle East China:
Get inspired by some ideas in this post. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs of the United Nations are the new global agenda to enable all humans to live a safe, peaceful and prosperous life within planetary boundaries.

Speaking at the awarding event, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad Fakhoury underscored the role of young people as advocates of change, adding that the tools of technology and communication can be used to spread the word about the SDGs and encourage further popular involvement and ownership.

The evaluation criteria considered relevance to the main theme of the competition, originality and creativity and design, according to the UNCG.

Green policies, not giant dam, help reduce Yangtze flood toll – Probe International

The winners will also take part in field visits to different locations of projects relevant to the SDGs, in coordination with the UNCG, where they will be introduced to the projects and take photographs to be shared through their social media channels.Based on the new idea of harmony for human with water, a macro strategy for the flood-control and for the lake storage during low water standing period in Dongting Lake watershed and the middle.

Dongting Lake, China These images show dramatic change in the water at Dongting Lake in Hunan province, China.

A flood crest surged down the Yangtze River in late August of this year, but the embankments made by residents there held.

12 days ago · The 35th anniversary also includes activities such as an art exhibition and dialogues on ecological sustainable development of Dongting Lake and Biwa Lake. The participants agreed that water, in all its uses, is fundamental to sustainable development needs and must be managed effectively.

The suggested global water goal and identified targets and indicators on-site investigation of Dongting Lake Basin, jointly supported by the Dongting Lake Engineering which included a photo competition.

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A photography project on the sustainable development of the dongting lake

Yueyang, a city along the Yangtze River in Hunan province, has been enhancing the environment of the river and its adjoining Dongting Lake by tearing down wharves and restoring the ecology.

Wharves removed; lake gets new life - caninariojana.com