Amelia bedelia writing activities

These are worksheets and creative ideas for students in first gradesecond grade or third grade to match a cause with the most-reasonable effect.

Amelia bedelia writing activities

Draw an owl face, wings, and feet onto printer paper or use the patterns, color them, and cut them out. Paint your cup to match the face and wings and glue them to the cup as shown in the picture. Note - For a quick and easy project buy brown paper cups from a party store.

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Your children can just use markers to draw feathers onto the cup. Curl up one wing and glue it to the side of the cup so that the owl can hold its "wise saying" as shown in the picture. You can also have your children punch holes in the top of the owl to make a pencil holder. Find "Wise Quotes" from the Internet and write them on small sheets of colorful paper and then let your children pick the saying they like best.

For a writing assignment have them write what the sayings mean to them on the owl printing sheet.

amelia bedelia writing activities

Knowing that they have a Buddy in their pockets or backpacks will help them relax and ease them into the new school year.

I put it there to remind me that I am not alone. When I am scared or frightened I can always know, That God is always with me no matter where I go, My friend is always with me no matter where I go, Just like my little buddy, an ordinary stone.

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He is my little buddy, not just an ordinary stone. Print out the poem pattern and cut the poems apart. Have your children pick out a rock they would like to use and glue googly eyes on them.

They may also want to draw on hair and other face features. Have them read the poem and place it in their pockets with their pocket buddy. Learning games, letter recognition games, a match game, beginning letter sounds games, a vocabulary display, writing the ABCs, and bean bag toss games.

Monster Tabletop Garbage Bags Teachers, children will love helping to clean up with these charming monster bags! Children will be much more interested in keeping their space clean, and you will probably find a lot less mess on the floor at the end of the day. When the "monster" is full it can be emptied into a larger garbage bag and used again.

You can prepare these ahead of time, or have each group of children at a table help design one for their table. You can also make these tabletop garbage containers out of recycled materials such as oatmeal canisters and milk jugs.

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See directions to make these below this craft. What you will need:The Best Back To School Books for the First Month Back to School by Teaching Heart. Some MORE Great Books to Read the First Day of School!

Crafts to help prepare children for school. Crafts for preschool and elementary children, and teens, back-to-school crafts and activities, ready-for-school crafts and activities, back-to . Teach with a fun camping theme!Here is a neat selection of over 30 camping theme lesson plans, activities, free downloads and more.

Whether you are setting up a year long classroom decor scheme or just a unit – these camping classroom activities .

Cheap and Easy Back-to-School Crafts and Activities for Children

Does your child struggle with auditory attention? Find tons of fun and easy activity ideas to help improve the attention, processing speed and memory. PO: Participate in writing communications, with teacher as scribe, including: a.

Friendly letters Activity: Have the students pretend to be Amelia Bedelia and write a friendly letter to Aunt Myra thanking her for her visit to the Rogers house. Have students think about what Amelia Bedelia would say to Aunt Myra.

Grades 1 – 2 | Lesson Plan. Amelia Bedelia Up Close! Closely Reading a Classic Story. Through a close reading of Amelia Bedelia, students reread the material to discuss text-dependent questions, promoting deep thinking about the text and its characters.

Cheap and Easy Back-to-School Crafts and Activities for Children