Beowulf mead hall essay help

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Beowulf mead hall essay help

Beowulf Essay Beowulf Summary The legend of Beowulf illustrates the Scandinavian ancient views on heroism, the image of the wise king and the skillful warrior. The story begins in Denmark, where king Hrothgar happily reigns over his territory and people.

It is also the place where the king honored the warriors for their deeds.

beowulf mead hall essay help

Danish people lose warriors and peasants every night when Grendel comes out of the swamp for many years. All the efforts to stop the beast are in vain. Therefore, Beowulf as a decent son should help Hrothgar in defeating Grendel. The king accepts the offer to fight the monster.

In order to prepare the fighter for the deed, he arranges a great feast. Grendel comes the same night. Beowulf shows no fear of the beast and fights against him without the weapon.

He demonstrates such a strength that monster starts running away. Instead Beowulf stops him and tear his arms.

Grendel slinks to the swamps where he dies slowly. The arm of the beast is hung in the mead-hall as a proof of the victory. Hrothgar is happy to announce another feast to celebrate Beowulf.

He presents him many valuable gifts as well. However, the story does not end as it appears that Grendel was not the only monster in the swamps.

His mother seeks for revenge and kills one of the most favorite and trusted advisors of Hrothgar. Beowulf persecutes the beast and even dives into the swamp to kill her with the giant sword.

beowulf mead hall essay help

Apart of this, the hero finds the dead body of Grendel and cuts off his head as a present to the king. Further, Beowulf needs to leave to his mother country of Geatland.

He says goodbye to king Hrothar and sails back with his company to reunite with King Hygelac and Queen Hygd. Beowulf retells the history of his deeds to the Royal Family and gives all his treasures to the crown.

In turn, the Hygelac rewards the brave warrior. IN the result of the domestic strife, the king of Geatland is killed and Beowulf takes his place. He reigns for fifty years. During this time the Kingdom lives in peace and becomes prosperous.

No one intends to attack one of the bravest warriors in the world, who become the mighty and wise king as well. However, Beowulf becomes an old man.

This time the thief disturbs the hole, where dragon Engared lives. The monster starts destroying the kingdom. Feeling his future death, Beowulf starts his journey to kill the beast. Finally, the dragon dies but wounds Beowulf with his venom. The hero dies, and the Kingdom appears on the verge of the big changes without the protection of the mighty warrior.

Despite the depiction of the ancient ideals of bravery, the legend of Beowulf also points out on two important moments: Beowulf helps Hrothgar because many years ago the Danish king did a favor to his father.

Furthermore, then Beowulf was accused of lie, he does all his best to restore his good name in the eyes of Danes. Thus, the family and fame are considered to be the important motives not only in this literary work but for Scandinavian world in general.This student essay consists of approximately 2 pages of analysis of Beowulf and Mead Hall.

The Mead-hall in the Old English Poem Beowulf What was the function and nature of a mead-hall in the Heroic Age of Beowulf? Was it more than a tavern for the dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages, and occasionally precious gifts?

Beowulf (translated by Seamus Heaney) Order Description Beowulf Essay Topics Set I 1. Religion in Beowulf-Pagan more about Beowulf (translated by Seamus Heaney) Dissertation Essay Help[ ] Skip to content. Write My Essay. Toggle navigation. What significance did the mead hall have in Beowulf?

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