Everybody needs a rock writing activity for preschool

Rocks brought to the classroom by students, one rock per student. A basket, or other decorative container.

Everybody needs a rock writing activity for preschool

Read the story The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth. Distribute the Thinksheet and give students a moment to complete the "Think It Through" section. Share several student responses and then have teams of students look up "rock" in the dictionary and share meanings.

Ask, "What do you know about rocks? What do you wonder about rocks? Direct students to complete the "First Hypothesis" section of their Thinksheet.

Group students into pairs. Give each pair a hand lens and two rocks from the class collection and have them carefully observe their rock. Discuss the results of their observations and record the properties of rocks they discover on the board.

How to Use a Book Set. When teaching any science unit to my class or building on an interest my children are showing at home, I always place a collection related books out where they are always accessible to the kids. Everybody Needs a Rock. By Byrd Baylor. Grades. PreK-K, Genre. Non-Fiction. Ten rules explain how to find the perfect companion rock in this text filled with flowing illustrations. Ten rules explain how to find the perfect companion rock in this text filled with flowing illustrations. *You will need a variety of rocks for this activity. In addition to your own collection, I suggest you invite each student to contribute rocks. Make sure you mark them so students can retrieve their treasures at the end of the unit. Sampling Rocks, a lesson using Everybody Needs a .

Have the students list the properties in the column and complete an observation of two rocks. Encourage students who finish early to sketch their rocks on the back of the page. Label their rocks with numbers so they can use the same rocks for further investigation. Copy a class set of the Rock Properties Data Sheet 2.

See Ready to Print. Gather the following materials: Review the previous day's observations. Redistribute rocks to students. Share the story of Archimedes and how he discovered if the king's new crown contained the correct amount of gold.

Direct students to measure and record the weight and volume of their two rocks and test them for limestone content by following the directions on Rock Properties Data Sheet 2 see Ready to Print.

Students who finish early should choose a rock or mineral to learn more about and record their findings on the bottom of their Data Sheets. How Do Rocks Cycle on the Earth?

Review the Rock Cycle movie on BrainPop. BrainPop will only allow two viewings per day from the same computer without a subscription, so you may want to review this movie the day before you share it with your class. Gather samples for the three types of rocks igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.

Introduce terms for the three types of rocks: The Eyewitness--Rocks and Minerals book see Related Resources has excellent photos of the three rock types. Share examples of the three types of rocks if available at your school.

View the two-minute Rock Cycle movie on BrainPop. Introduce the Science Is Discuss student discoveries from the game.

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Redistribute rocks to students from the previous day's activity. Direct students to reexamine their two rocks for clues as to origin. Complete the "Revised Hypothesis" on the Thinksheet.

Encourage students to bring in one interesting rock they find or their rock collections if they have them. My Life As a Rock 45 minutes Ready Share student rock collections. Review the rock cycle by having students fill in the missing terms on the My Life as a Rock information page and discuss the processes.

Instruct students to write in diary or story form, their life history as a rock in first person.Everybody Needs A Rock by Byrd Baylor Making Playdough by Brionne Thompson books in large and small group and by participating in a shared writing activity.

Mini-Lesson ( min.): Introduce students to process text structure by referring to a. Introduce the picture book by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall, Everybody Needs a Rock (Simon, ISBN Paperback).

everybody needs a rock writing activity for preschool

In this simple and elegant picture book, the author gives ten rules for choosing a personal rock. Everybody Needs a Rock. by Byrd Baylor. Illustrated by Peter Parnall. Picture Book. 32 pages. Grades Find this book: Amazon Review. With her spare, poetic prose, the author gives us ten rules for picking our own special rocks, leading us through smell, taste, feel and sight.

Place your rock collection from the rock hunt on a table and set up an art activity.

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Invite the children to make Pebble People. Provide markers to use to make the . I recently read Everybody Needs A Rock by Bryd Baylor (he has many books that are great read- alouds).

everybody needs a rock writing activity for preschool

This is a story in which a girl tells the reader the ten rules for finding a rock. This is a story in which a girl tells the reader the ten rules for finding a rock.

Everybody Needs a Rock! Rocks Activities and Crafts Our preschool and kindergarten “ Rocks ” theme includes science lessons, number, algebraic, and geometry math activities and games, and reading and language arts activities and games such as completing sentence strips with vocabulary words, practicing the -ock word family, and reinforcing.

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