Masonic lodge essay contest

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Masonic lodge essay contest

I am truly humbled by everything that has happened to me in Masonry. I owe so much to so many for their love, friendship, and support during this incredible journey.

An image that is projected to the world in which good men wanted to participate. I am a traditionalist, but I also have an open mind for change. Our path is based upon the suggestions of the Craft and we each have an obligation to be certain that any change we make will be of benefit to the Craft or more importantly at least not a detriment.

Brothers, we need to remember the values and ways of yesteryear. When men strived for perfection, not mediocracy. When we took Masonic lodge essay contest of our Brothers and their families. For those Lodges that do have outreach programs for their members in need, I sincerely applaud you.

It is essential that we stay in touch and encourage them, letting them and their families know they have not been forgotten. If we continue to change from what it was which made us great, we reduce the chance to retain that greatness.

Share openly with all those around us the true meaning of the Craft. My vision is to find a way to better communicate, assist and educate one another within the Fraternity and outside in the world. Communicate openly with all. Assist our Brothers and their families in need and educate the Craft, with the purpose of uniting our Great Jurisdiction.

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This shall be our goal! Ours is an organization which embraces high ideals and principals, seeking great men and seeking to make men great. Simply because some of society lowers its standards does not mean we must do the same to attract new members. We cannot hope to grow or even remain the same by lowering our standards, we must place emphasis on the quality of our membership.

We must be careful in the admission of candidates and improve the admission procedure. By the necessary changes through communication and education, we will strive to make Masonry relevant for each generation in preparation for tomorrow. The world belongs to those who plan for it!

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Your Grand Lodge has encouraged participation in the proficiency of Lodges and members through several programs. I personally believe these are valuable programs.

Masonic lodge essay contest

Through these programs our Brethren have received educational instruction on the methods by which our Grand Lodge and Lodges operate and the obligations that we as Masons have sworn to uphold.

These programs assist us in promoting skilled Lodges, Lodges that provide quality floor and ritual work, promote good business ethics and provide our members with the education and Further Light in Masonry that so many Brethren are seeking. I firmly believe in order for our Craft to take good men and make them better, we need to supply all our Brothers with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed as skilled, passionate, and proud Masons.

Freemasons have always been supporters of the youth, recognizing the rare and precious opportunity given to responsible adults to attempt to lead and mentor them in paths of good citizenship.

We have heard many times before that the youth are our future; however, I believe that we are also the future of our youth.

Masonic lodge essay contest

Each of us must become mentors and teach the lessons of this great Fraternity to those already within the walls of our Lodges and to those yet to come. Our youth will exceed our expectations if we teach them well.

If you expect nothing, you will receive nothing. As Grand Master, there will be decisions made that may be controversial but I must assure each of you that I will do what I feel is necessary for the betterment of the Craft.

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The Masonic Renewal Committee of the Conference of Grand Masters.

The Masonic Renewal Committee of Canada, the United States, and Mexico is charted by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Inc.

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