Promotional tools 2 essay

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Promotional tools 2 essay

It is an impersonal presentation where a standard or common message regarding the merits, price and availability of product or service is given by the producer or marketer. The advertisement builds pull effect as advertising tries to pull the product by directly appealing to customer to buy it.

From the above definition we can find that the three distinct features of advertising are: The sponsor has to pay for advertising he has to bear a cost to communicate with customers. There is no face to face contact between customers and advertiser.

It creates a monologue and not a dialogue. Advertisement is given by an identified company or firm or individual. Advertising can reach a large market. As through various media of advertising there is benefit of mass reach for example, any message given on All India Radio or TV can reach in different corners of the country wherever TV and Radio network is available.

There is wide variety of media available for advertising for video, audio, visual audio, print media etc. Under each category large variety is available for example, in print media we can select from magazines, newspaper, banner etc. This variety or choice helps the marketer to select the media, keeping in mind the target customer.

In advertisement the messages regarding the product or service are given publicly to customers so there is always a proof for it and customers believe that publicly the company will not give false information of the product.

The customer feels comfortable to buy a product which is widely advertised. Advertising provides enough opportunities to marketers to dramatize the message with the help of drawings, colours, pictures, music, dance etc.

They can easily express the use of product through various techniques, and can add multimedia effect also. It is always felt that advertising increases the cost of product or service but advertising is considered economical as compared to other promotional techniques because it reaches masses and if we calculate cost per customer it is very low or nominal.

Customer feel more assured about quality and feel more comfortable if sponsors claim these benefits in advertising. In advertising there is no direct communication between the customer and marketer.

The marketer assumes that the message is communicated but the audience or customers do not pay any attention to impersonal messages conveyed through advertising.

The response of customer cannot be known in advertising.

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In advertising there is only one way communication i. Sometimes customers have many doubts regarding the use of product, these doubts can be clarified only when there is two way communication.

In advertising various media are available. Each media have its own advantages and disadvantages. So the effectiveness of advertisement depends to a great extent on the right choice of media.

When choice of media is faulty or wrong no matter how good the advertisement is it will not reach the target customer.

Promotional tools 2 essay

It is very difficult to change advertisement as companies use standardised messages which cannot be changed according to the need of customers. The evaluation of effectiveness of advertisement is very difficult as there is no immediate and accurate feedback given by the customers.

Objections to Advertising or Criticism of Advertising: Advertising has been subject to lot of criticisms.

Promotional tools 2 essay

The following are main objections raised on advertisements by a group of people. Along with objections the answers to these objections are also mentioned below:The promotion that I have located is a promotional campaign from PepsiCo Vietnam for its new snack product Poca Twisties, which is also known as Twisties in other Asian market like Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand (this is an equivalent to PepsiCo’s Fritos/ Doritos for the Asian market).

Marketing Mix Product Service is included in product range which can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need (Adam & Armstrong, ). Describe the company’s marketing mix in terms of the 4Ps of Marketing.

Product Nestle Milo is a product that is well-known by the others, it is the first global nutritional labelling system. Some of the most important elements used in promotion are as follows: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relation!.

The promotion element of marketing mix is concerned with activities that are undertaken to communicate with customers and distribution channels to . Marketing and Business Tools - Essay Example Business tools like strategies and customer services tools Like software, plans and policies if used properly for the Santa would help undertaking the formal marketing, auditing and planning.

The four main tools of promotion are advertising, sales promotion, public relation and direct marketing. Advertising. The final selection of the consumer promotional tools needs to consider target audience, budget, competitive response and each tool’s purpose.

Tools of Promotion - Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relation & Direct Marketing