Reducing child mortality through vitamin a

Reduce child mortality Targets by To reduce child mortality by two-thirds, from 93 children of every 1, dying before age five in to 31 of every 1, in More than 70 per cent of almost 11 million child deaths every year are attributable to six causes:

Reducing child mortality through vitamin a

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She then slings her green cloth bag with the same logo across her shoulders, calls out to her 9-year-old daughter Sarita to mind the store, and heads for the vitamin A distribution centre with her 2-year-old son in tow.

The centre is very close to her home which lies near Mount Machhapuchhre in central Nepal. By the time Moti and her son arrive to the distribution centre villagers are already beginning to trickle in. She also monitors who needs to receive the drops.

Moti took care to alert everyone. Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of the immune system. Giving vitamin A supplements to children increases their resistance to disease and improves their chances for survival, growth and development.

Moti reminded the wide-eyed children to have their parents take their younger siblings to the distribution. She also spoke with the elderly village crier asking him to shout out a final reminder to villagers early the next morning.

Reducing child mortality through vitamin a

Helping save lives with vitamin A distribution On the day of the distribution Moti and her colleagues set up a stand in the town centre and delivered the drops and de-worming tablets to the children, including her own son Sandesh.

This distribution was the 25th round of vitamin A distribution in Nepal over a span of a dozen years. In a country where child mortality remains very high the drops are believed to have saved the lives of the estimated 12, Nepali babies who die each year from a variety of diseases.

Sabine Dolan contributed to this report from New York.To reduce child mortality by two-thirds, from 93 children of every 1, dying before age five in to 31 of every 1, in Child survival lies at the heart of everything UNICEF does. About 29, children under the age of five – 21 each minute – die every day, mainly from preventable.

Reduce child mortality and morbidity through prophylactic supplementation of children months with high-dose (, IU) vitamin A capsule twice yearly in 32 priority districts Treat xerophthalmia, severe malnutrition, prolonged diarrhea, and measles in all 75 districts.

Reducing Child Mortality Through Vitamin A in Nepal By, Melanie Johnson It can cause night-blindness, which is decreased ability to see in dim light. Reducing child mortality through vitamin A in Nepal.

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The effects of the vitamin A program on child mortality were analyzed in a peer-reviewed journal article. This ex-post study of Demographic and Health Survey data from took advantage of the fact that districts were incorporated into the program at 6-month intervals, creating natural treatment and control groups for.

2 Reducing child MoRtality With VitaMin a in nepal ended and the needs of the poor began. The reduction in child mortality demonstrated by this program and the. View Notes - Case 4 Vitamin A in Nepal from PH W at University of California, Irvine.

Case 4: Reducing Child Mortality Through Vitamin A in Nepal 6 Step Analysis 1. In the s preschool-aged%(1).

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