Singles waltershausen

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Singles waltershausen

Singles waltershausen

BWV exhibits a typical simplified north German structure with a free opening toccataa fugal section fugueand a short free closing section. It then spirals toward the bottom, where a diminished seventh chord appears which actually implies a dominant chord with a minor 9th against a tonic pedalbuilt one note at a time.

This resolves into a D major chord: The section ends with a diminished seventh chord which resolved into the tonicD minor, through a flourish. The second section of the Toccata is a number of loosely connected figurations and flourishes; the pedal switches to the dominant key, A minor.

This section segues into the third and final section of the Toccata, which consists almost entirely of a passage doubled at the sixth and comprising reiterations of the same three-note figure, similar to doubled passages in the first section.

After a brief pedal flourish, the piece ends with a D minor chord. Such violinistic figures are frequently encountered in Baroque music and that of Bach, both as fugue subjects and as material in non-imitative pieces.

Unusually, the answer is in the subdominant key, rather than the traditional dominant.

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Although technically a four-part fugue, most of the time there are only three voices, and some of the interludes are in two, or even one voice notated as two.

Although only simple triadic harmony is employed throughout the fugue, there is an unexpected C minor subject entry, and furthermore, a solo pedal statement of the subject—a unique feature for a Baroque fugue.

Although only 17 bars long, it progresses through five tempo changes. The last bars are played Molto adagio, and the piece ends with a minor plagal cadence. The first section of the piece, the Toccata, takes somewhat less than a third of the total performance time.

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The composition's third century took it from Bach's most often recorded organ piece to a composition with an unclear origin. Despite Mendelssohn's opinion that it was "at the same time learned and something for the people", [20] followed by a fairly successful piano transcription in the second half of the 19th century, [21] it was not until the s that it rose above the average notability of an organ piece by Bach.

Peters published the Toccata con Fuga as No. Consequently, the name of the piece was again given in Italian as Toccata con Fuga and the piece was again written down in D Dorian i. However more modern conventions were maintained with regard to using the treble clef in the upper stave and using a separate stave for the pedal.

The first major public performance was by Mendelssohn, on 6 August in Leipzig.

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The concert was very well received by the critics, among them Robert Schumannwho admired the work's famous opening as an example of Bach's sense of humor. Power Biggs recorded the Toccata 14 times played on different European organs, and Columbia issued these recordings on a single album.

With the reprise of the initial Toccata, the dramatic idea reaches its culmination amidst flying scales and with an ending of great sonority. The VF series ran from to Forkel probably did not even know the composition.

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Singles waltershausen

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