Smith bell co vs aznar

It then alleged that plaintiff - appellee has no cause of action against it. It ruled that plaintiff - appellee has fully established the liability of the insurance firm on the subject insurance contract as the former presented concrete evidence of the amount of losses resulting from the risks insured against which were supported by reliable report and assessment of professional cargo surveyor. Its defense that its authority excluded personal liability must be proven satisfactorily. There is a complete dearth of evidence supportive of appellant s non - responsibility as resident agent.

Smith bell co vs aznar

In a single issue on appeal, Smith contends that the evidence is factually insufficient to support his conviction. In JulySmith began dating Tamara Wakeley. Her oldest daughter, A.

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The girls testified that the abuse continued while they moved with Smith from Killeen to his military postings in Germany and Massachusetts and continued after they returned to Killeen. She also testified that while they were in Massachusetts, she saw Smith in A.

She also had oral sex with Smith, and he continued to have oral and vaginal sex with S. In MayA. Wakeley testified that, when she confronted Smith in Mayhe admitted touching A.

Wakeley testified that he begged her not to tell anyone about it. She also testified that A. When they gave her more freedom, she was less belligerent.

The jury was instructed to acquit on the count concerning her based on lack of venue because she testified only about events occurring in Germany.

To avoid confusion regarding the girls initials, we will not detail her testimony and will focus on that of the older sisters.

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In SeptemberS. Wakeley then contacted military and civilian authorities. Wakeley testified that during a telephone conversation, Smith admitted having sex with all three of her daughters.

She testified that the girls were somewhat reluctant to discuss the accusations the youngest initially denied that any assault occurred, although she later recanted this denial. Faes testified that the girls testimony did not raise red flags they did not say that they wanted Smith to be locked up for life, to go to jail, to be kicked out of the army, or to divorce their mother.

However, she said that they did tell her that they wanted the abuse to stop. Lindner testified that she did not find any physical evidence of sexual abuse on either girl, but given that several months had passed since the last alleged sexual activity May for A.

Smith bell co vs aznar

April Brown, a friend of Smith s in the army, testified that Smith told her he had molested A. While they were in Iraq together in SeptemberSmith told her that his marriage was in trouble. Brown testified that Smith said, I molested my girls.Owners of Fresh&Co.

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Bell County is located in the southeastern corner of Kentucky where the state meets Tennessee and Virginia at the famed Cumberland Gap. Its acres are dominated by two mountain ridges, Pine Mountain and Cumberland Mountain.

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Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) and Adult Probation Directory This directory tries to provide as much information as possible, for Community Supervision departments, Correction Departments and Adult Probation offices, across the state of Texas.

The offer not being acceptable to the plaintiff, the latter wrote Smith, Bell, & Co. expressing his refusal to the `redress offer, contending that the discrepancy was a result of loss from vessel to arrastre to consignees warehouse which losses were still within the `all risk insurance cover.

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