Social networking current trends and its future

Play the audio version of this article here! The path of evolution when it comes to social media has been nothing short of incredible. It had humble beginnings as a portal to connect with friends and family across the globe.

Social networking current trends and its future

The Future of Social Media: Getty Images A lot of changes in social media in won't be revolutionary - they'll be a continuation and acceleration of what we've seen already. Of course, any revolutionary change will be so different that to even try to guess at what it will look like is near-impossible.

That is, after all, what makes it revolutionary change. So what will the continuing evolution of social media and all its moving parts look like in ? Social At Work After so many years of trying to keep us out of our social media sites at work - putting Facebook, Gmail and Twitter outside of firewalls - we're going to find social tools connecting us more than ever in the workplace.

Part of this trend has been drive by Slack, a ubiquitous and terrific tool to help co-workers share information, gifs, and whatever else they need to. I belong to Slack groups of journalists, of friends, of collaborators. And now Facebook has launched Facebook for Work, enabling us to sign in once and be connected to a work-facing Facebook and a personal Facebook at the same time, without mixing them.

This and other tools will help businesses harness our desire to be connected, while using some of that connectedness for work purposes and not just to play Candy Crush does anyone still do that?

Facebook for Work is extremely new, so how widespread it will become remains to be seen. Make no mistake, though, this will be the year the workplace truly begins to harness the power of social for internal purposes. Texting It's like all over again. Remember when we used to have pagers and would send messages using numbers?

That evolved into SMS texting, which evolved into Twitter, which evolved into lots of stuff, and now Everything not so old is new again.

Social networking current trends and its future

One could argue that or was the year of the Text. I would argue that will be the year that companies and marketers actually learned how to make use of text messages and texting platforms in non-spammy ways. In spammy ways, too, of course.

That's always gonna happen. Texting is more personal and immediate than most other forms of social media. And with all the new texting platforms, most of the old technical requirements are a thing of the past.

The companies that begin to figure out how to use text without being disruptive or pushy will win the day. Live Video Every year in the past 10 years, someone's declared that video is going to be the Next Big Thing in social media. And, truthfully, it pretty much is each year. But with the launch of so many live video-streaming platforms in - Meerkat, Periscope, Blab, Facebook Mentions - it's clear that this is ready for primetime.

In fact, Google Hangouts really pioneered in live video streaming being available to just about anyone, but Google's dropped the ball somewhat and has some catching up to do.

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Again, Facebook's entry into the live-streaming video revolution ensures that "regular" people - consumers, non-marketers, people who aren't first adopters - will start using it. What completely cemented my belief in livestreaming being bigger than we ever imagined in was reading up on YouNowthe livestreaming app that teens are using and the rest of us completely missed.In the social media networks of the future, the content distribution will be based on verified information and the traceable spread of data.

The ability to block content and its contributors is an. A number of new social media trends that will impact users and brands alike are strengthening and accelerating. It is likely that video streaming and virtual reality will go mainstream.

The "Big Five" IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data. In today's ever more technology-centric world, the stodgy IT department isn't considered the. Its not a rare thing to people around the world nowadays, the social network. Social network becomes trends not only in certain country but worldwide.

People in this era make the social network something that you must participate nowadays. Also, it’s an odd matter if you don’t participating in. With the constant evolution of social media, we all have to work hard to keep up. Here are the 5 most important social media trends for the upcoming year.

Social networking website usage. social media is riding the evolution super-wave into the future.

Social networking current trends and its future

As people are becoming smarter and more aware, so has social media. Social networking has been the biggest cultural shift since the industrial revolution, attracting millions of people, creating an ever-expanding social web, and revolutionizing the way we communicate.

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