Stage management

Your writing sample should be one page long and answer both of the following questions: What are the skills and qualities of a successful stage manager?

Stage management

Stage Management Materials Needed: SMs from your school, notecards, worksheet, stage management binder if you have oneYouTube clips, page from a script preferably with stage directionswhiteboard or butcher paper something you can write on Learning Objective: Hand students the SM worksheet- they should work on completing it throughout the class period.

Ask what they already know about stage management- what does a stage manager do? Write these things on a piece of butcher paper or a whiteboard that can be added to throughout the class.

BFA Stage Management

This will be a visual reminder of how much a SM is responsible for throughout class. Next, talk about necessary stage management skills. Take a minute and talk to a partner or in small groups about what you think it means to be a great stage manager.

What skills does that require? After students have discussed for a minute or two ask them to come back together and start sharing some answers as a class.

Ask a student to volunteer to be the scribe as they take down some of these stage management skills. Activity 1 minutes: Think about what skills and tasks she mentions that are necessary for stage managers.

Are these similar to or different from our list? After the clip finishes ask students about what they noticed.

Stage management

What else do we need to add to our list regarding SM roles and responsibilities? What SM skills did she mention that were similar to our list? Are there any we need to add?

What similarities and differences do you notice between the clips? Is stage management always exactly the same? How might it change from each production? After the clip finishes ask students to get together with a partner or in small groups to discuss what they noticed in this clip, as well as the questions just posed.

Restate them in order to remind students what they should be discussing.


Activity 2 minutes: Pass out a notecard to each student. Have each student introduce themselves and say what they have stage managed before- they could also be in the process of stage managing. Ask each student to come up with 3 questions that they have about stage managing either in general or at this particular school.

Ask them to give a little bit of an overview to their stage management experience. What was it like? What are some of the responsibilities? What are the difficult parts of the job, as well as the rewarding parts? What does it take to be an SM at this school? After each SM has spoken allow the students a few minutes to ask some of their questions.

Many students may feel shy or hesitant to ask the questions written on their cards. If it is then gather all the notecards up and begin asking some of the questions the students have written down.

You can either say who asked the question or not- the important thing is that the great questions the students have written down are getting asked. Add to the list of responsibilities if necessary, and thank the guests for coming.The Assistant Stage Manager will work alongside the Production Stage Manager for Slow Burn's production of Legally Blonde.

The ASM will provide support during . Western Michigan University's stage management concentration is a pre-professional program designed to provide you with a general overview of all aspects of theatre production as well as advanced coursework in stage management.

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Materials Needed: SMs from your school, notecards, worksheet, stage management binder (if you have one), YouTube clips, page from a script (preferably with stage directions), whiteboard or butcher paper (something you can write on).

Learn about Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts, a college focused on strengthening the Undergraduate Experience, enhancing Graduate Education, and promoting Faculty Excellence. needed to undertake actual stage management at the university level.

Additionally, you will be thoroughly versed in the expectations and requirements for stage management in a professional venue. TEXTBOOKS Stern, Lawrence and Alice R. O’Grady. STAGE MANAGEMENT. Ninth edition. Course Detail × × × Quick Links. Current Faculty, Staff & Students Portal; Make a Gift.

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