The symbol behind the burning of the american flag

Supreme Court decided in favor of the rights of Gregory Johnson, who had been convicted of violating a Texas law by burning a U. In response to this and a similar Supreme Court decision, the U.

The symbol behind the burning of the american flag

There are no provisions in the Flag Code to suggest otherwise. It would be a fitting tribute to the memory of the deceased veteran and his or her service to a grateful nation if the casket flag is displayed.

The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, with the exception of an all-weather nylon or other non-absorbent material flag. However, most flags are made of all-weather materials. What is the significance of displaying the flag at half-staff? This gesture is a sign to indicate the nation mourns the death of an individual ssuch as death of the president or former president, vice president, Supreme Court justice, member of Congress, secretary of an executive or military department, etc.

Only the president or a state governor may order the flag to be displayed at half-staff. The honor and reverence accorded this solemn act is quickly becoming eroded by those individuals and agencies that display the flag at half-staff on inappropriate occasions without proper authority to do so.

When the flag is not flown from a staff, how should it be displayed? It should be displayed vertically, whether indoors or out, and suspended so that its folds fall free as though the flag were staffed. When displayed in a window of a home or a place of business, the flag should be displayed in the same way that is, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street.

How are unserviceable flags destroyed?

Find Ceremonies that:

Such ceremonies are particularly dignified and solemn occasions for the retirement of unserviceable flags. Can the flag be washed or dry-cleaned? No provisions of the Flag Code prohibit such care. The decision to wash or dry-clean would depend on the material. Are you required to destroy the flag if it touches the ground?

The Flag Code states that the flag should not touch anything beneath it, including the ground. This is stated to indicate that care should be exercised in the handling of the flag, to protect it from becoming soiled or damaged.

You are not required to destroy the flag when this happens. As long as the flag remains suitable for display, even if washing or dry-cleaning is required, you may continue to display the flag as a symbol of our great country.

What is the proper method for folding the flag? The Flag Code does not require any specific method. However, a tradition of folding has developed over time that produces a triangular-shaped form, like that of a three-corner hat with only the blue union showing. May a person, other than a veteran, have his or her casket draped with the flag of the United States?

Although this honor is usually reserved for veterans or highly regarded state and national figures, the Flag Code does not prohibit this use. What is the significance of the gold fringe seen on some U. Records indicate that fringe was first used on the flag as early as It was not until it was officially added to the national flag for all Army regiments.

For civilian use, fringe is not required as an integral part of the flag, nor can its use be said to constitute an unauthorized addition to the design prescribed by statute. Fringe is used as an honorable enrichment only. The Flag Code states it is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flag staffs in the open.

However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. What should be the position of the flag when displayed from a staff in a church, public auditorium or other public meeting place, whether indoors or outdoors, on platform, or on the floor at ground level?

Prior to the Flag Code changes inthe display procedure was somewhat different. What are the penalties for the physical desecration of the flag?

There are currently no penalties for the physical desecration of the flag. The American Legion and other members of the Citizens Flag Alliance continue working toward securing a constitutional amendment to protect the flag from physical desecration. Subscribe Receive an e-mail notification when the U.

Flag is to be displayed at half-staff.Edit Article How to Display the U.S. Flag.

The symbol behind the burning of the american flag

In this Article: Article Summary Flying the American Flag Honoring the Flag Community Q&A Many Americans proudly choose to display the U.S. flag, often during National Flag Week leading up to Flag Day on June 14 and around Independence Day on the 4th of . Watch video · This Is Why It's Legal to Burn the American Flag William Kunstler second from left, discusses the Supreme Court ruling to declare the Flag Protection Act of unconstitutional at a press conference on June 11, in New York, Kunstler and David Cole, second from right, represented Shawn Eichman, right, a defendant in the case, and Joey Johnson.

The black and white American flag does not have an "official" meaning (the black and white flag with a blue stripe, however, represents police officers).

The symbol behind the burning of the american flag

The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is outlined in Resolution No. , passed by the 19th National Convention of The American Legion in New York, Sept. , The ceremony has been an integral part of American Legion ritual since that date.

The resolution reads as follows: WHEREAS, Americanism has been and should continue to be one of the major programs of The American.

Jul 04,  · Whenever the United States of America's flag is folded, there is a symbol behind each fold and tuck. It is not random, but very purposeful. This is one Reviews: The U.S. flag is a strong symbol of American identity and national pride. Also called Old Glory, The Star Spangled Banner, or simply The Stars and Stripes, the U.S.

flag has a colorful history and has undergone many changes since the first official flag of

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