Writing automation scripts in qtpselenium

It talks about the drawbacks of manual testing and reasons why automation testing is the way forward. In this Selenium tutorial, you will also get to learn the different suites of Selenium and what are the features and shortcomings of Selenium as an automation testing tool. Watch the video till the very end to witness a demonstration which shows the power of Selenium as an automation testing tool.

Writing automation scripts in qtpselenium

It is necessary to define test strategy which should be mutually accepted by stakeholders before starting actual testing. A well-defined test strategy will make sure that correct approach has been followed meeting the testing aspiration.

In any case testing team must be aware of the results they are writing automation scripts in qtpselenium to get using those SQL statements. Database testing is done using smaller scale of data normally with OLTP Online transaction processing type of databases while data warehouse testing is done with large volume with data involving OLAP online analytical processing databases.

In database testing normally data is consistently injected from uniform sources while in data warehouse testing most of the data comes from different kind of data sources which are sequentially inconsistent.

We generally perform only CRUD Create, read, update and delete operation in database testing while in data warehouse testing we use read-only Select operation.

Normalized databases are used in DB testing while demoralized DB is used in data warehouse testing. There are number of universal verifications that have to be carried out for any kind of data warehouse testing.

Below is the list of objects that are treated as essential for validation in ETL testing: ETL testing is quite different from conventional testing.

There are many challenges we faced while performing data warehouse testing. Here is the list of few ETL testing challenges I experienced on my project: Data is important for businesses to make the critical business decisions.

ETL testing plays a significant role validating and ensuring that the business information is exact, consistent and reliable. Also, it minimizes hazard of data loss in production.

Hope these tips will help ensure your ETL process is accurate and the data warehouse build by this is a competitive advantage for your business. Data input is taken from customer requirements and different data sources and new data warehouse is build and verified with the help of ETL tools.

Also, there might be a condition where customer needs to change their existing business rule or they might integrate the new rule.

Report must be tested by validating layout, data in the report and calculation. Why do organizations need Data Warehouse? Organizations with organized IT practices are looking forward to create a next level of technology transformation. They are now trying to make themselves much more operational with easy-to-interoperate data.

Having said that data is most important part of any organization, it may be everyday data or historical data. Data is backbone of any report and reports are the baseline on which all the vital management decisions are taken.

Most of the companies are taking a step forward for constructing their data warehouse to store and monitor real time data as well as historical data.

Crafting an efficient data warehouse is not an easy job. Many organizations have distributed departments with different applications running on distributed technology.

ETL tool is employed in order to make a flawless integration between different data sources from different departments. ETL tool will work as an integrator, extracting data from different sources; transforming it in preferred format based on the business transformation rules and loading it in cohesive DB known are Data Warehouse.

What is a staging area?Jan 04,  · QTP Tutorials for beginners | QTP how to write vb functions vb script,QTP automation testing, QTP VB Script, QTP Video Tutorials Automation testing - H2KInfosys Now QTP is .

Experienced in Test Automation using Selenium and UFT (Formerly QTP) Tools. Good Experience in Automating Web Applications using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG framework. Well versed with Handling Elements in Selenium WebDriver. Writing automation scripts using Element locators, WebDriver methods, Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.

writing automation scripts in qtpselenium

Hi Folks, this is the basic fundamental video for writing webdriver automated script for all beginner level learners. (validations are not part of it) Watch and learn. caninariojana.com I have purchased Selenium tutorials from here.

I must say the tutorials quality is really good. The trainer has in depth knowledge of programming and automation concepts, the best part is that if there is an update comes for the tool in the market the tutorials are also updated.

Creating executing vb scripts in QTP/UFT; Creating executing vb scripts in notepad; Duration 1 hrs 32 mins.

writing automation scripts in qtpselenium

Training Video - 9 Objects Identification Play Now. Writing, Creating, Deleting files; Creating files Using FSO; QTPSELENIUM team helped me out in a fair way. Srinivas, USA. caninariojana.com HarmanJeet Kaur Harman is an Automation Test Engineer at BugRaptors.

She has expertise in Web & Mobile automation testing using Selenium WebDriver and Appium Tool. Professional in writing automating test scripts,Data Driven Implementation, Keyword frameworks, Debugging, Executing and find issues in scripts.

How to write Automated test in Selenium Webdriver